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Not sure if you have a bobcat in your back yard? Identifying a bobcat (especially a bobkitten!) can be very difficult. Check out our identifying a bobcat page to see if you have a bobcat on your hands.

Bobcat Frankie

Welcome to our profile Gallery!

We do not have man power to create profiles on all of the cats that grace our gate, but here are some profiles for you to enjoy. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we've enjoyed caring for them.

Click on a photo to read more about the cat.

Photo Name Approx Age Date Acquired Last Page
View Bobcat MarleyMarley2 year(s), 11 month(s)08/30/1106/24/12
View Bobcat OliverOliver2 year(s), 11 month(s)08/30/1106/24/12
View Bobcat PixiePixie2 year(s), 11 month(s)08/30/1106/24/12
View Bobcat TheoTheo2 year(s), 10 month(s)08/08/1106/07/12
View Bobcat ShakaShaka2 year(s), 4 month(s)06/17/1102/14/13
View Bobcat QuesoQueso3 year(s), 1 month(s)05/31/1106/07/12
View Bobcat NadiaNadia3 year(s), 2 month(s)04/24/1106/07/12
View Bobcat QuinceyQuincey4 year(s), 11 month(s)07/29/1008/08/12
View Bobcat Harley and IrvingHarley and Irving4 year(s), 10 month(s)11/14/0902/15/13
View Bobcat Darla and EframDarla and Efram4 year(s), 9 month(s)10/10/0910/12/11
View Bobcat JennyJenny4 year(s), 10 month(s)10/07/0910/12/11
View Bobcat Fanny and GeorgeFanny and George4 year(s), 10 month(s)10/01/0910/12/11
View Bobcat CrushCrush6 year(s), 11 month(s)08/29/0908/08/12
View Bobcat CaRoCaRo4 year(s), 11 month(s)07/13/0910/12/11
View Bobcat NilaNila10 year(s), 0 month(s)06/06/0910/12/11
View Bobcat DarleanDarlean7 year(s), 11 month(s)03/22/0908/08/12
View Bobcat BridgetteBridgette6 year(s), 5 month(s)01/08/0910/12/11
View Bobcat AthenaAthena5 year(s), 5 month(s)01/01/0909/15/11
View Bobcat GigiGigi5 year(s), 9 month(s)09/10/0808/08/12
View Bobcat FrankieFrankie5 year(s), 9 month(s)09/10/0808/08/12
View Bobcat MooseMoose5 year(s), 11 month(s)08/29/0808/08/12
View Bobcat SampsonSampson5 year(s), 11 month(s)08/29/0808/08/12
View Bobcat FidgetFidget3 year(s), 6 month(s)09/10/0710/28/11
View Bobcat SparkySparky6 year(s), 11 month(s)08/31/0708/08/12
View Bobcat LennyLenny7 year(s), 11 month(s)08/30/0608/08/12
View Bobcat KirbyKirby11 year(s), 11 month(s)07/30/0210/12/11
View Bobcat HooverHoover11 year(s), 11 month(s)07/30/0208/08/12