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Not sure if you have a bobcat in your back yard? Identifying a bobcat (especially a bobkitten!) can be very difficult. Check out our identifying a bobcat page to see if you have a bobcat on your hands.

Bobcat Frankie

  • Valeri Marler

    Valeri Marler holding a rescued opossum

    One the founders of NBRR/WCCR and is the force behind the development team. She has worked in the field of Wildlife Rehabilitation since 1999, with prior experience in the late 80's. Valeri got involved in wildlife rehabilitation after college at the University of Maryland where she studied marine microbial genetics.

    During her first years as a rehabilitator, she also worked as a biologist and
    consultant for several businesses and organizations. In 2003, She met her now husband, Mike while becoming a certified Master Naturalist.
    She is also certified in Project WET, and is a facilitator for Project WILD, Project Learning Tree, and the Leopold Education Project.

    Valeri and Mike Opened The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers ranch in 2008 in response to a call for help in the Northeast Texas area. During the fist year of operation, it became abundantly clear that an organized effort needed to be made to begin training people to more effective work with larger numbers of wild animals. North Texas' expansion is growing faster than the animals have time to get out of the way.

    The long time dream of Mrs. Marler's came true with the development of the FIRST national school for Wildlife Rehabilitation.

  • Jade Vitella

    Jade Vitella and her dog

    Jade Vitella is one of our three lead keepers here at NBRR/WCCR. Her background as a vet tech in a domestic animal clinic has proven invaluable to the wildlife center. She is our treatment specialist in charge of medications for the animals in our care. Jade is a 2010 WREN graduate, and works closely with Kari observing the health and behavior of the bobcats in our release and sanctuary programs.

  • Kari Waddell

    Kari Waddell

    Kari has worked as an educator in two zoological societies in Dallas, and in London, with multiple species of exotic animals and posesses experience in animal services in a major city in Texas. She is a 2010 WREN graduate, and one of three lead keepers here at NBRR/WCCR. Kari works closely with Jade in medication and treatment as well as health and behavioral observations in both our release program and sanctuary bobcats. Kari is our behavioral specialist. She works with our sanctuary program bobcats as our operant conditioning trainer, preparing these cats for lives as ambasadors for their species in AZA and USDA acredited zoos and facilites across the United States.

  • Kristen Mcconnell

    Kristin is our grounds manager. She is a 2010 WREN graduate, and the third of our lead keepers.