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Surrendering a Bobcat to NBRR:

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Is it a bobcat?

Not sure if you have a bobcat in your back yard? Identifying a bobcat (especially a bobkitten!) can be very difficult. Check out our identifying a bobcat page to see if you have a bobcat on your hands.

Bobcat Frankie

Who makes the ideal volunteer?

Almost anyone! We have a variety of jobs for all kinds of folks! Our greatest need right now is people who are able to clean, maintain and build cages, feed the wild ones, assist with administrative work, and answer phones. There is never a day without twenty jobs to be done! The ideal volunteer can commit to the entire season, and can be scheduled for at least two 4-hour shifts a week.

What are the requirements to apply?

Wildlife rehabilitation can be extremely hard work. You must meet certain requirements for each position that interests you. On the job training is provided for all positions.

Standard Requirements:

16 years of age (or 15 and part of a high school affiliated community service program, or have a parent volunteer with you) You must have dependable transportation You must be able to commit to your shift as if it were a paying position. A lot of animals are depending on you!

What will I do?

Depending on where your interests lay, you may choose one, or several different types of jobs.

Is it dangerous?

Wildlife rehabilitation can be a dangerous job. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability and disclosure statements. Volunteers will not handle predatory or dangerous animals at any time.

On the job training is provided to insure the safety of animals and humans alike. Rules and regulations are strictly enforced. You will be expected to pay attention and to do your job while you are here. We are a working wildlife center, not a zoo. We are not open to the general public for tours or other functions. Your job must be taken very seriously to prevent injury or harm to animals or people at the facility.

Can I bring my kids?

No. Please do not bring your children to this facility. For the safety of everyone, children and outside pets are not permitted.

What are the dangers?

The wild animals that come into care are well, wild. They are often injured, stressed, and terrified when they arrive. The NBRR staff members are well trained to handle these animals. As a volunteer, you will never be asked to handle or touch any wild animal considered able to inflict injury. However, wild animals do present other dangers. Zoonotic (transferable to humans) diseases and parasites can be carried by many of the wild animals that we treat. We take immense precautions to prevent disease outbreaks within the facility. Policies and procedures in place at the facility are strictly enforced for your safety, and that of the animals in our care. Cross contamination issues can become very serious very quickly. The fastest way to lose your volunteer position at NBRR is to disreguard these policies. If you follow NBRR procedures while you are here, your volunteer experience will be unforgettable!

What else should I know?

We LOVE our volunteers! We often have BBQs and other gatherings to celebrate a sucessful project, season, or even just a sucessful day! We could not do what we do without you! We are reorganizing this year, and are currently only housing bobcats at the facility. If you are interested in working with the animals, this is the HARDEST part of the work we do! You will sweat, be covered in mystery goo, get slimed on a regular basis, and risk injury on metal caging and low hanging branches. This is the hardest job you will ever LOVE! Those interested in working with the animals may be required to obtain a sub-permit through NBRR.


Be a part of something really big! You can make a real difference! Contact us today if you would like an application e-mailed or snail mailed to you. Help us return these animals back to their native homes!